love at first sight.

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i havent been keeping up with this log bc mason was doing so awesome!!!

however, he has developed a fondness for poop eating that is getting out of control.

9pm- 1st anti-poop eating tablet.

we'll see.

In the meantime, all my shopping is done.  Im just finishing up the crafty stuff for my mom (Im redoing her living room for xmas). 
My apt looks like the f-ing North Pole!  Im having a holiday dinner party tommorow which is super exciting.....not as exciting however as if my baby would stop eating shit.
love at first sight.

poor mason...

wakeup/pee 5:30am
pee 745am
breakfast 9am
poop 2pm
nap/Nail clipping!!! so much easier while masonsaurus is asleep...
brushing...i noticed a little friend on mason's bath time!!!
needless to say...he hates me. a lot.

9:30 poop/met the skunk outside (ohhh i was scared)
10pm dinner!!!
love at first sight.

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7:45- nothing. just a pain in my ass.
8:45 poop/pee
9:00 breakfast
10:00 puke (on mommy) yessss
10:30 peed on floor

so far its been an awesome day!

we went to meet bobs parents today! they gave him a new little bed which HE LOVES and some toys.
Finally we got to play outside without a leash.  Mason killed his first ball.

puke-8ish?  um misc. no-no, leaves, pencil, feathers, naughty.

dinner 10 pm
poop 10:30
love at first sight.

Masons ears ARE UP!!!!

i gave in. bob was away and i let mason sleep with me.
he was so good actually.
didnt wake up to poop until 830

we're trying to do two meals now instead of three...

lunch/dinner 4:00
poop 7pm
love at first sight.

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mason has developed the annoying habit of waking up twice a night.

9am breakfast
11:45 poop
3:00 lunch